Structural Tie Down System

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Engineering & Design

ICC-ES represents the most trusted and readily accepted accreditation entity for a product’s code compliance in the industry. An evaluation report(ESR) is only issued for products that successfully complete ICC-ES’s stringent evaluation process. ICC-ES mandates that annual audits are performed to ensure that products continue to comply with the scope of the original evaluation.

TIE MAX is also Florida Product Approved. The Florida Building Code has the most stringent hurricane building codes in the United States.

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The TIE MAX Advantage

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The great advantage is to get the uplift calculations covered. It alleviates us and saves time since Tie Max is taking care of this. They are quick to respond and answer design questions. Tie Max offers knowledge and design resources. Our relationship with them is a win-win.

Yvonne Paguada, P.E. – Horizons Plans & Permits – Civil Engineering & Residential Home Design

Tie Max makes a detailed take-off which helps me tremendously and my customers as well. The main thing about Tie Max is the good quality of the product and the service.

Frank Fazzio – Lumber Products – Vice President

Simplicity of the installation makes the work for the contractors in the field much more rapid. Tie Max gives a placement plan that specifies where and which products get installed, which is golden.

Orlando Calvo – FL Forest Products – Hurricane Connectors Sales